March 17, 2021

The current situation is challenging for everyone and especially for the closed industries like retail, gastronomy or art, culture and event organizers anything but easy. Therefore, the time off should be used to prepare for the opening after the lockdown and the return to normality. As soon as it is allowed to shop and dine again …

November 25, 2020

Most Google My Business (GMB) site owners will never have thought about centralizing their review management – simply because they are only responsible for a single site. In that case, all Google reviews and information can be handled easily by one user through the …

October 22, 2020

You arrive at the station after a journey of several hours, want to get something to eat, pick up your cell phone and google for “supermarket”. You go to Google Maps and are shown the three most important supermarkets in your area. Thereby acts …

October 9, 2020

Every day thousands of customers write reviews on Google. Some expect a reaction to their question or criticism, others simply want to share their positive experience. In any case, an answer from the reviewed company is important, because that means customers feel perceived and appreciated …

July 21, 2020

Yesterday, the first BVMW Business Club since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic took place in the Dresdner Ballsportarena. Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag from the HTW Dresden gave a lecture on the topic ” Google reviews – an underestimated CRM channel and instrument for customer satisfaction”. The underlying study …

RS-Google location search

July 17, 2020

Online orders, a visit to a restaurant in a strange city, a new electricity provider – what do all these things have in common? Right, customers review their experience with the product or service. What used to be the recommendation of friends and relatives is now the online review! While 95% …

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