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Google reviews as CRM channel

Yesterday, the first BVMW Business Club since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic took place in the Dresdner Ballsportarena. Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag from the HTW Dresden gave a lecture on the topic “Google reviews – an underestimated CRM channel and instrument for customer satisfaction. He prepared the underlying study together with our team. For this purpose, the reviews of the Google locations of the three large sporting goods retailers SportScheck, Decathlon and Intersport were evaluated. 

After an introduction to the topic of Google reviews, he explained the results of the study and introduced the Google Net Promoter Score (GNPS) as a new key figure for the comparability of locations and companies. The GNPS compares the reviews of critics (1-3 stars, with text) with those of promoters (5 stars, with text). The more often customers wrote extensive reviews in the positive or negative range, the better or worse is their GNPS.

Underestimated potentials for customer communication

The core statements of the study are:

  • The number of reviews has been rising steadily for years. Their relevance is therefore constantly increasing.
  • Customers primarily comment on positive and negative experiences during the shopping experience, less on products or prices
  • Companies that manage to offer their customers a good service (e.g. through consulting) have a better GNPS
  • The more reviews a company receives on average, the better the GNPS

Prof. Dr. Sonntag derived the following recommendations for action from these results:

  • Companies should use GNPS to assess their locations
  • Development of an active Review Management to integrate customer feedback via Google Reviews into customer communication
  • Use Google reviews as a communication channel and answer customer feedback 
  • Improvement of the placement in the Google search results by increasing the reviews
  • Consideration of topics that are relevant to customers in order to improve site performance

You can view the complete presentation here.

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In the following question and answer session we answered many questions of the attending 

Entrepreneurs around the topic Google reviews and their management. 

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