Dos and Don'ts with responses to Google Reviews

That you always react correctly to your review

That you always react correctly to your review

Every day thousands of customers write reviews on Google. Some expect a reaction to their question or criticism, others simply want to share their positive experience. In any case, an answer from the reviewed company is important, because that means customers feel perceived and appreciated.

But how do you answer reviews correctly? We want to give you a short overview of the most important Dos and Dont’s in review management. That means you can easily avoid the biggest blunders.



It is also important to respond to criticism
and to thank the customer for feedback.


Always remain friendly and objective, even if your customer is not. Proactively offer the customer suggestions for solutions. If the customer is still abusive, point this out to him or her and if there is no improvement, break off communication.


Some reviews and problems require a little more discussion. In these cases it is important to offer the customer an alternative communication option, be it via other social media platforms, a contact form or simply by e-mail.

SHORT & Customized

The answers should be as short as possible and individually tailored to the customer.


A quick answer is important. Therefore try to answer all your reviews within 24 hours.


The customer always comes first in your external communication! You want him to remain your customer and give as much constructive feedback as possible. The best way to ensure this is to show your customers appreciation, because those who write reviews want to be noticed!


Customers who criticize via reviews usually want to make a change. Always keep this in mind and actively offer solution suggestions. That means you can show customers that you really care about their feedback!



If customers wrongly criticize you, do not justify yourself. Nor should you criticize your customers. Remain friendly.


Do not delete reviews just because they are negative. Poor reviews increase the authenticity of sites and show that only people work in your company. Deleting reviews should only be done for privacy reasons, in case of insults or the like.

Privacy policy

Customer numbers, contract numbers, employee names and general data do not belong in reviews, nor do the clear names of customers. Make sure that both the reviews and your answers are always in accordance with data protection laws!

bog standard reply

Do not react in the same way to all or similar reviews. Vary the answers within the scope of your possibilities, that means your customers feel valued by you!

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