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Never lose track with REVIEW SHERPA! With our dashboard you always have your project and all relevant key figures in one view!

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Review Management

Never miss a customer review again! In the review management you read and answer all reviews in real time!

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With REVIEW SHERPA your team works together efficiently and saves time! You can share knowledge and information and also have the possibility to assign reviews to other users to ensure trouble-free communication within the team.

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With REVIEW SHERPA, you always know how customers have rated your locations in recent months. In addition, you can use the individual tag system to categorize your reviews and identify and highlight key topics.

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Review Reports

Discover what position your company holds in the market! With the help of our Review Reports you are able to evaluate the valuation performance of your competitors and derive benchmarks from it.

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The central overview of your entire project. It presents all important key figures in real time. Gain valuable insights about your company and your locations: Don’t miss any current topics, remarkable developments and always have an eye on the performance of your locations as well as your response times!

Review-Sherpa - Laptop with dashboard of the tool

Location details

How is the location currently evaluated? And which topics are relevant for the users? These insights and an overview of all Google reviews of a location can be found on the location detail pages. Use this information to improve your locations and thus enhance your company’s reputation!


Reviews are a very important communication channel in online reputation management, so they have to be seen! In REVIEW SHERPA, the Google reviews of all your sites are collected in the inbox, where they can be edited centrally. This means you will never miss reviews again and can react quickly!

Whether you want to publish answers directly, screen them or categorize your reviews, no problem with REVIEW SHERPA! Moreover, many innovative features make editing many reviews – even in a team – a breeze.

Review Sherpa - Laptop with overview of all reviews received


In order to keep track of all reviews at all times, an archive is available for all edited reviews. If necessary, old reviews can be edited directly in the archive, assigned to a user or simply moved back to the inbox.

Review Sherpa - Laptop with overview of all reviews received

Changed reviews

Users can only write one Google review per site at a time. If the customer changes their mind, they have to extend, overwrite or delete their review. With REVIEW SHERPA, the previous review versions are not lost. That means you can react quickly to changed opinions, recognize problems early and respond to the user accordingly.

Review Sherpa - Laptop with overview of changed reviews


With the help of monitoring, you see all critical, interesting or important topics that you define yourself in a separate overview and can prioritize the reviews. This enables you to react quickly and to tackle problems more quickly.

Review Sherpa - Laptop with overview of all relevant reviews

Magic Reply

Speed up the response to your reviews with our ‘Magic Reply’ feature. Define individual answer templates that are randomly selected as needed, e.g. for short positive answers. That means you give your customers the appreciation they deserve for their positive feedback and make your review management even more effective!


Role Management

In order to organize team work, REVIEW SHERPA provides different roles with different access and usage rights. That means that each user only receives the information and options he needs for his task.

Review Sherpa - Laptop with user overview


Knowledge Management

Various documentation features are available for communication within teams. This allows important information to be attached to individual reviews or locations. This information is then accessible to all users, significantly reducing response times and making collaboration more efficient.

Review Sherpa - Laptop with overview of all reviews received



Teamwork is in the spotlight at REVIEW SHERPA! Because of our interactive interface, every user can see within the views when other users are viewing, editing or answering a review. That means that double editing is avoided and an efficient workflow is guaranteed!



Analyze the monthly performance of your sites. Monitor how many reviews have been written and the average rating given by your customers. Which topics were particularly present? Which locations were most frequently reviewed and where were there particularly strong changes in customer review behavior? REVIEW SHERPA offers you all this information.

Review-Sherpa - Laptop with dashboard of the tool



Create individual tags to categorize the reviews of your customers. That means they always have an eye on which topics occur most frequently and can react accordingly. The most frequently used tags are also displayed in real time on the dashboard, so that even conspicuous developments can be quickly identified.


Are you interested in the performance of your competitors? We provide you with individual evaluations of Google reviews of other companies! How were the sites reviewed? Which topics appeared most frequently? What does the review management of your competitors look like?

Whether you need monthly evaluations or snapshots for the past 12 or 24 months, with us you will find out how your company compares to your competitors!

Review Sherpa - Laptop with competitor overview

2FS, Autologout on inactivity, Info on login of other users

The safety of our customers is an important concern for us at REVIEW SHERPA. The security is guaranteed around the clock through various mechanisms such as 2-factor authentication, automated timeout logout in case of inactivity and notification of user login.

Review-Sherpa - Laptop with dashboard of the tool

We will manage your complete review management!

REVIEW SHERPA offers you an all-inclusive package! From the project setup in the tool to the maintenance of the Google My Business locations to the complete review management by our experienced team of community managers! With REVIEW SHERPA your Google reviews are in good hands!

Review-Sherpa - Laptop with dashboard of the tool

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