Local Search Relevance

What is this and how do I improve it?

Local Search Relevance

You arrive at a train station after several hours and you are hungry. You pick up your phone and search on Google for “supermarket”. On Google Maps you see a list of 3 supermarkets. This is the so called Local Pack from Google. However, it does not show the markets that are nearest to you, but those with the best “listing” or “ranking” on Google.

Why? Because of the Local Search Relevance (LSR). This KPI comes into the equation. It reflects the relevance of a location for local search on Google or Google Maps and is influenced by various factors.


Local Pack

These various factors are e. g. the number, length, quality, topicality and average rating of Google reviews. Most of these Local Search Relevance factors (business name, opening hours, completeness of information, proximity) cannot be influenced. However, this does not apply to reviews. So you can positively influence the LSR of your locations with a high number of positive reviews and answers which leads to a better ranking in Google and a place among the top three results – the local pack – on Google Maps. That boosts your online reputation and customer number

Local Pack Ranking Factors

Google My Business Signals (incl. Google reviews)
Link Signals
Citation Signals
Behavioural signals
Social Signals
Review-Sherpa - Laptop mit Dashboard des Tools

To measure the impact of reviews on Local Search Relevance, we at REVIEW SHERPA have developed a KPI: the Local Search Relevance Score. It only includes 1-3- and 5-star reviews and longer reviews being weighted more than short ones. The LSRS enables you to measure the probability of your locations appearing ion the local pack.

Our advice: Always take care of your GMB locations, keep all date up to date, have many and positive reviews, check all and answer all relevant reviews. The easiest way to get more positive reviews is an active review management on Google!

Are you looking for a suitable solution?


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Review Management

Never miss a customer review again! In the review management you read and answer all reviews in real time!

Review-Sherpa - Laptop mit Dashboard des Tools


With REVIEW SHERPA, you always know how customers have rated your locations in recent months. In addition, you can use the individual tag system to categorize your reviews and identify and highlight key topics.

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With REVIEW SHERPA your team works together efficiently and saves time! You can share knowledge and information and also have the possibility to assign reviews to other users to ensure trouble-free communication within the team.

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