Online Reviews

An often underestimated medium

The relevance of reviews

Online orders, a visit to a restaurant in a strange city, a new electricity provider – what do all these things have in common? Right, customers review their experience with the product or service. What used to be the recommendation of friends and acquaintances is now the online review! While 95% of the people surveyed say that they are influenced by reviews during their shopping, only slightly fewer (88%) say that they equate reviews with personal recommendations!(

Reviews as a recommendation are one side, reviews as a drive to increase the number of customers, the other! A total of 86% of the customers surveyed tend to shop in a store that responds to reviews. (

Which brings us to the next topic, wasted potential! 23% of the companies in Germany do not react to reviews and of the others 84% do not use explicit software for review management. This is cumbersome, confusing and costs a lot of time. (

For reviews, online sales platforms such as Amazon or Ebay immediately come to mind, at least when it comes to product reviews. With all other reviews you inevitably think directly of Google and everything that goes with it. There are of course other platforms, such as Yelp, but with a market share of 87% in desktop search and about 98% in mobile search, no other platform is as relevant to a wide range of reviews as Google. The problem with Google is that reviews are extremely difficult to answer via the internal Google My Business platform for companies, making efficient management impossible. (

Review-Sherpa- Dashboard on MacBook

Review Management

Do companies and businesses in today’s world want to remain competitive despite the enormous competition from online platforms such as Amazon increase their customer and sales figures, they have to work not only with the established marketing and B2C channels but also with the reviews of their customers. Managing online reviews is a simple and efficient way to interact with customers and respond to their individual needs. And there is no better source of information and feedback than the honest opinion of a customer, directly and transparently via reviews!

Are you looking for a suitable solution?


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Review Management

Never miss a customer review again! In the review management you read and answer all reviews in real time!

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With REVIEW SHERPA, you always know how customers have rated your locations in recent months. In addition, you can use the individual tag system to categorize your reviews and identify and highlight key topics.

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With REVIEW SHERPA your team works together efficiently and saves time! You can share knowledge and information and also have the possibility to assign reviews to other users to ensure trouble-free communication within the team.

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