Active review management as an opportunity after the Corona lockdown

The current situation is challenging for everyone and especially for the closed industries like retail, gastronomy or art, culture and event organizers anything but easy. Therefore, the time off should be used to prepare for the opening after the lockdown and the return to normality. As soon as it is allowed to shop and dine again, customers will also write more reviews again. And it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity! Show your joy at welcoming customers back to your store! Likewise, your customers will be grateful and in a correspondingly positive mood. Take advantage of this mood and respond to appropriate reviews to further strengthen the positive effect!

This effort will be rewarded by customers and will have a corresponding effect on customer satisfaction and thus directly on your Google reviews. Don’t miss this chance to improve your ratings and thus your online reputation!

In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, you should already deal with topics such as Google reviews and active review management!

We will be happy to help you with this and provide you with a list of the most important tasks and corresponding tips!

Important To Dos

Develop a consistent communication strategy that you can establish at all locations throughout the company. In the best case, you will find a basic tenor with recognition value that your customers will remember. To achieve this, you should ask yourself the following questions, among others:

How do you want to appear to your customers?

What feeling do you want to convey as a company or brand?

How do you convince new customers of your concept?

How do you keep your existing customers loyal?

In the best case, you as a company respond without exception to all reviews that customers submit, whether with or without text, 1 or 5 stars. However, since we also know that this often exceeds the available capacities, you should proceed according to a simple but efficient order of priority, which we will now briefly describe.

In the first place are negative reviews with text. These customers need to be appeased and their complaints addressed. Then come positive reviews with a specific concern. Then come negative reviews without text, and finally positive reviews without text.

Regularity is an essential aspect of active review management, because who wants their review to be answered only after a month or two? That’s right, nobody!

That’s why you should try to respond to your reviews on a daily basis. Since your customers will be informed about your response, this way the probability is the highest that they will read your response and reconsider and change it. If your capacities are limited, use our prioritization order and at least respond to the most relevant reviews.

The same employees should always respond to assessments as needed. This reduces the required working time in the medium to long term, simply because employees gain experience and, after a certain time, are able to process even complex issues without major effort and respond accordingly.

Think about how you can encourage your customers to rate your business on Google. Be it a nice notice at the checkout, a sign including QR code or online on your website or social media pages.

The more the better here! Every review helps to increase your reach and online reputation, because your reviews are your flagship in the search results on Google.

If you’re not interested in learning about Google reviews and review management, but still want to take advantage of the opportunity, there’s a quick and easy solution:

Book the Review Sherpa all-inclusive package! We’ll take care of all your review management and keep you up to date without you having to actively deal with reviews.

Take advantage of the opportunity at hand and start leveraging the huge potential of online reviews and Google with maximum efficiency – all easily done with a single tool, Review Sherpa!

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