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The RS Market

Mr. Ruppert Schmidt opened his first RS Market for food on February 8, 2012. Today his retail business comprises more than 180 locations throughout Germany. In total, his stores are visited by up to 400,000 customers daily.

Especially new customers find their way to his stores via the map service Google Maps. If supermarkets are searched, an RS Market is usually displayed everywhere in Google’s Local Pack.


But this was not always the case.

For a long time, Mr. Schmidt underestimated the possibilities and opportunities offered by Google Maps. Although his locations were gradually created over the years, the maintenance of Google My Business Accounts and Google Reviews was neglected. In the analysis of the marketing measures, the reviews were considered more closely. The customers often commented positively on the wide range of products and advice. But there were also many negative voices that revealed problems in the organization. This was the starting point for the professional handling of the feedback that RS Market customers left on Google.

RS-Google location search

Since the Google My Business Account offers only limited possibilities for review management, they decided to use REVIEW SHERPA.

They are now working with REVIEW SHERPA in various areas.

1. Communication with customers

Through REVIEW SHERPA, the company reacts directly to customer feedback on Google. This has often enabled them to win back customers. New customers can see the active communication between companies and customers.

2. Brand management

The possibility of communication across and to all locations enables centralized, uniform communication. That means that brand characteristics and overarching themes can be communicated uniformly.

3. Monitoring

In real time, the company knows what current issues are occupying customers on site.

4. Analysis

The locations can be analyzed flexibly in terms of time, location, evaluations and topics. That is why REVIEW SHERPA is the analysis tool for Google reviews.

5. NPS – Net Promotor Score

The Net Promoter Score is a good indicator for measuring customer satisfaction. REVIEW SHERPA has developed the Google Net Promoter Score. Therefore the GNPS per location and its development over time can be read off directly in comparison to the company average.

6. Local SEO / Local Pack

Reviews have a significant impact on the ranking of local search results. Constant and good Google reviews are rewarded by the search engine with a good ranking in the local search. In addition, the ratings and company reactions influence the decision making of the searchers.

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